Effortlessly started thanks to the green loan!

A green loan is interesting for many people. It means that you want to make an investment that is environmentally friendly and therefore benefits society. Ultimately, the benefits are for you, because you get a lot in return. An investment in a new heating system, you immediately reap the benefits. But of course also towards the future. And that’s what it’s about when we buy a new home or renovate an existing home.

Investment cost of money

Investment cost of money

Anyone renovating today should think about tomorrow. So do not stay with the old systems that may be handy to use, but are not profitable in the future. The energy bill must be reduced and you can do that by investing in innovative materials. There are many old houses that do not have any type of insulation, heating or double glazing. Three forms for which you can borrow with a green loan. A special cost rate has been drawn up which makes it interesting to borrow. These investments also cost a lot of money, of course, but what you get out of it is worth so much more.

So do not hesitate to make an appointment with your regular bank or to inform via the internet. Then you can quickly view all the information and you have a first idea of ​​what is possible. During a conversation someone can explain it to you and you can also explain the situation of the house yourself. That way you know exactly what is possible and whether it is feasible for your plans.

You can obtain a green loan for works that are at least 50% energy-saving. That way you use less energy in your home and that is what banks want to reward with this type of loan. It is therefore a double profit, since you can apply for the green loan and see the energy costs fall over time. It is really a huge difference if you have an efficient heating system, insulate everything well and have high-efficiency glazing installed. These investments are good for the rest of your life because they get very good scores on energy values.

Solar panels – green loan

Solar panels - green loan

Solar panels are also future-oriented and can be financed with a green loan. More and more people are having this installed because they ensure that your home generates its own energy. You no longer depend on the electricity grid or natural gas network to provide your home with electricity and heating. Make sure you have a few quotes from installation companies before you make an appointment with the bank. This way you know exactly how much you need to borrow and you can indicate this directly in the interview. You will see a complete plan from start to finish, how much the cost of the loan will be and what the monthly charge will be. That way you have a clear picture and you know what you are starting to do.