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BTS Universe Story is a fun and creative app game for ARMY

In BTS World, ARMYS could play the role of manager of the biggest group in the world. Now, with the new BTS Universe Story game, fans can create the world for themselves.

Created by Netmarble in collaboration with Big Hit Entertainment, BTS Universe Story centers around one of BTS’s most complex elements: the Bangtan universe. An ecosystem of interwoven content, the Bangtan Universe tells a fictional, whimsical tale of seven friends sailing into adulthood. It’s a coming-of-age story in which the seven members of BTS grow into teenage characters who struggle to make their way through the world. Starting with “I Need U” and working through dozens of music videos, webtoons and more, the BU examines topics such as domestic violence, suicide, relationship ending, depression and most importantly, how seven characters find solace in each other. (As you can imagine, fan theories and talk about the fictional ways of Seokjin’s butterfly effect are all over the internet).

BTS Universe Story is an extension of these stories. In the trailer, the animated members of BTS piece together scenes from their old music videos; the game allows users to take an active role in these stories, make decisions and guide them in the same way as other storytelling app games.

But the real fun of BTS Universe Story is its story making, where users can create their own alternate BTS universes with some pretty detailed editing tools (there is also a simple editor for those new to video editing). Want to make BTS detectives looking for dangers? Give them superpowers? Now you can. It’s the storyboard of the comic that meets the fan fiction, with a Sims-y trim element. Once you’ve completed your BTS-centric masterpiece, you can post and share it with other ARMYs in the app and on social media. “Their story is in your hands,” reads the app’s slogan. “Now is the time to be part of our history. “

BTS Universe Story is now available in your favorite app store (in case, you know, you are planning to upgrade to Samsung…). Check out the trailer below:

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