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Cole & Son continue their partnership with London-based creative design agency FormRoom

Luxury wallpaper brand Cole & Son continues its partnership with London-based creative design agency FormRoom to unveil an Andalusian-inspired showroom to launch the brand’s new “Seville” collection at Paris Déco Off 2020.

Located in the Parisian district of rue de Seine, the lively pop-up was inspired by architecture, music, flora and culture, transporting visitors from the streets of Paris to the poetic and sunny gardens of the southern Spain. While talking about the design criteria, “Bringing The Outdoors In”.

Inspired by the design of botanical, architectural and ceramic prints, FormRoom unveiled three sets, “The Garden Party”, “The Kitchen Garden” and “Courtyard” in the showroom of the Rauchfeld Gallery.

Evolving on the prints in the collection, we combined Mediterranean hues of warm terracotta and vibrant blue with textures and accessories to translate the product into a physical showroom. The space showcases Mudejar Spanish flavors infused with the Italian Renaissance to embed heritage and escape into the guest experience.

Upon arrival, guests enter “The Garden Party”, a space dedicated to Spanish entertainment; flamenco dancers and guitarists spinning around the hip. A Mediterranean balcony with aged shutters, wrought iron rails, and a selection of potted plants and cacti sets the tone.

The ‘Courtyard’ was designed using the Cole & Son ‘Orange Blossom’ print. Replicating the character design, FormRoom teamed up with florist Julian Glaves to bring the design to life in a bougainvillea display case. This then won the “Best Showcase” award by Paris Déco Off.

With rustic accessories, warm tones and a thriving orangery teeming with fruit, we’ve created the illusion of a kitchen yard to use as a living area for guests to peruse the collection while soaking up the sunny atmosphere. A relaxing getaway from the bustling historic center of Paris.

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