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Facebook Launches ‘Creative Apps Platform’ To Extend Stories Functionality

This could be a shrewd and underhanded update for Facebook, as it seeks to win back younger users and slow TikTok’s growing momentum as the social app of choice for the next generation.

Today, Facebook announced a new “Creative Apps Platform” for Facebook Stories, which will allow developers to create and promote story apps directly within the Stories ecosystem.

As you can see here, thanks to Facebook’s new platform, app developers participating in the program will be able to get their tools listed in the story composition feed, which will allow users to access more apps. creative for their stories, without having to find them. off-platform.

As explained by Facebook:

We worked to understand how Sharing to Stories could better meet the unique needs of our creative application partners. We have found that app discovery is a key issue: in a competitive and growing market, it is costly and difficult for our partners to reach the people who continue to find joy in their apps. In response, we created the Creative App Platform – a new concept that lets people discover creative apps right in Facebook Stories.

The concept is very similar to that of Snapchat “Mini” offer, who allows developers to share micro-versions of their full apps in Snapchat.

This expands the creative potential of Snaps, providing even more additional tools and options that you can share, through your Private Snaps, Stories, etc.

The Facebook variation focuses specifically on stories and creative add-ons, as the name suggests, with various developers signing up for the first phase.

“In addition to partners that include the B612 media editor app and the Smule performative music creation app, we are excited to partner with VivaVideo and Vita, all of which provide rich and robust experiences for story makers. We’re also excited to add new partners to the platform soon, including Picsart, one of the world’s best creative platforms, Camera360, and Sweet Selfie.

The biggest benefit for Facebook here is the increased creativity, one of its main weak points right now, with the vast majority of its Stories features, as well as tools for Instagram Reels, being replicas of options already available on TikTok and Snapchat, which leaves him constantly catching up.

Even today, Instagram announced two new features for Instagram Reels, in Text-to-Speech Translation and Voice Change Filters, both of which have been available on TikTok for literally years.

If Facebook, and Meta more broadly, is truly to win back a younger audience, it will take more than a few sponsored tweets and deviating videos from TikTok influencers – the company will need to commit to finding the next big things, the next big thing. next great tools and options that will woo audiences and make Instagram and Facebook the apps people need to come for the latest trends and features.

Meta should be able to do that. It has far more resources than any of its competitors, while having a much larger cumulative audience, which should be a valuable lure for potential partners. There’s no doubt that many apps will want to leverage the reach of Facebook Stories to promote their tools – and if Facebook is able to stumble upon the next big feature or trending tool, and embed it right into Stories, without too much effort on his part, it could be a major win for the platform youth push.

This is why this new platform is probably more valuable for Facebook than the Minis for Snap. Snapchat’s audience is much smaller and more specific from a demographic perspective, which will likely mean that Facebook’s “Creative App Platform” will generate more interest – and if Facebook then seeks to promote these new features to them. a greater number of users, in order to increase the use of Stories, the potential of its partner applications is important.

This is just the start, with the platform currently in limited beta, but Facebook has called for potential partners for the next step.

It might not seem like much now, but it could end up being an important update for Meta’s efforts.

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