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GoDaddy Launches Creative Design Software To Empower Small Businesses


GoDaddy launched GoDaddy Studio in Australia, a content creation tool designed for small and medium businesses to create beautiful visual content for all platforms.

Compatible on desktop computers and iOS and Android mobile apps, GoDaddy Studio includes thousands of customizable templates and easy-to-use tools to create eye-catching visuals including logos, advertisements, and branded content on their website, email, online store, and social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.

The launch of GoDaddy Studio comes as social media continues to evolve as a key sales channel for businesses of all sizes. According to GoDaddy research, two in three (64%) new businesses that started up during the ongoing global pandemic said they used social media to market themselves, while 48% of those surveyed said they sold through social platforms.

With GoDaddy Studio included in Websites + Marketing, small business owners can achieve a consistent look for their business across all of their platforms.

GoDaddy Studio is designed for use by non-designers and where the use of professional designers is not possible, delivering professional and beautiful results even for beginners. By eliminating friction and saving time in creating branded content, GoDaddy Studio helps entrepreneurs more easily realize their creative vision for their business and connect with their customers more effectively.

Key features include the ability to overlay videos over images to produce eye-catching posts and sophisticated photo editing capabilities to create stunning product visuals and photos.

Commenting on the launch in Australia, Tamara Oppen, Managing Director of GoDaddy Australia, said: “More than ever, it’s crucial for Australian small businesses and entrepreneurs to have professional branded content that stands out on social media, email and website marketing. and online store channels.

With GoDaddy Studio, we’re giving small business owners the tools to bring their business visuals to life. Whether they’re designing a logo, creating a social media campaign, or popping their website or email marketing, we equip them with the skills of a seasoned design expert, as well as a suite of tools. integrated making it easy to create and manage their business online.

Launching GoDaddy Studio is another exciting step in giving everyday entrepreneurs the tools they need to start, scale and grow their business, regardless of budget or expertise.

Ruth Frettingham, co-founder of Renaissance of tapestry, added: “The great thing about GoDaddy Studio is that if I want something more than just a photo on my social media, I can very easily create something from the templates or create my own design. personalized. We started out as hobbyists and hobbyists, and GoDaddy has allowed us to take the plunge and confidently compete in the market with a professional look. It is absolutely essential to be successful.

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