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Ostermann with new surfaces – creative design for walls and furniture surfaces

Edging specialist Ostermann has also long been recognized as an expert in other areas related to industry. Their innovative furniture design products strike a chord in the market. Now the assortment has been updated once again. Natural furniture and wall surfaces are versatile, lightweight and easy to process. Type the search element #decorsinrolls on to view all products and learn about their processing.

Whether in shopfitting and trade fair construction or in private interior design: Thanks to the diverse range of surfaces from Ostermann, furniture manufacturers can quickly furnish rooms and furniture with style. individual. A growing desire for natural materials is recognized here, combined with the benefits of a low weight product. Applied to a room or a wall, they can more than compete with their solid counterparts.

Linoleum for furniture offers a wide range of design options. A new video on OstermannTV shows how to treat the natural surface of furniture.

RollBeton Smooth: new very smooth concrete surface for furniture

To implement a loft look on the furniture, Ostermann has just launched new colors for its smooth RollBeton concrete decor. The anthracite and light natural versions are distinguished by a particularly smooth and uniform finish with excellent color consistency, especially suitable for furniture surfaces.

Only natural sand is used as raw material in the production of Ostermann RollBeton. Some air pockets add depressions to the look. The decorative surface in a smooth RollBeton roll is available in the dimensions 3000 x 1000 mm and with a thickness of 2 mm.

RollBeton with boarding: eye-catching eye-catchers for shopfitting

The industrial or loft look can be described as positively “rude”. A little rough around the edges, the raw concrete aspect remains a privileged stylistic element in modern interior design. There are even two remarkable variants of RollBeton with plank to attract attention in shop fitting or in the construction of living rooms: with plank widths of 100 or 200 mm. A mineral substance is used to apply the handmade structures of rough sawn planks to a thin fiberglass mat. The one-component mineral material is flexible, tear-resistant and water-resistant. The RollBeton roll decor surface with cladding is available in dimensions of 1000 x 3000 mm and with a thickness of up to 4 mm.

The uniform finish of the new RollBeton smooth concrete decors makes them a perfect furniture surface. But they also make a good impression as a wall covering! The image shows the surface of the decoration on a smooth RollBeton roller in “natural clear”.

RollTravertin: the industrial chic of limestone

The decorative roll surface, RollTravertin, has just been added to the range. Its dark gray color matches the style of popular RollBeton surfaces. Unlike these, however, it is not a concrete surface but an imitation of limestone, more specifically the imitation of Roman travertine – a porous stone that forms in water sources. gentle.

In ancient times, this travertine was already used for many buildings in Rome and other Italian cities. The new surfaces are available from Ostermann in rolls of 1200 x 2800 mm, and with a thickness of only 1.5 mm.

Upholstery linoleum: adapts to all requirements

Upholstery linoleum is a traditional material made from sustainable raw materials of plant origin. It is an ideal furniture surface: easy to maintain, resistant and available in many colors. Lately, soft pastel tones and muted earth tones are experiencing an upward trend: they induce a friendly and comfortable feeling.

Furniture manufacturers can obtain Ostermann’s material in three different production levels which meet all requirements. For those who want to simplify their work, customers can order furniture fronts with linoleum surface ready for assembly via the Ostermann configurators.

“If you want to press the material yourself, but prefer to avoid the cutting effort, Ostermann Configurators are always the way to go,” says Stephen Parsons, Managing Director of Ostermann UK. “Here, customers can order custom linoleum cuts online. If you want to carry out all the processing steps yourself, you can order all linoleum decors from Ostermann in rolls and by the meter.

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