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Review: Lexus ES300h Limited impresses with improved efficiency, creative design and luxurious craftsmanship

There’s also a sensor that detects cabin humidity and cabin/windshield temperature to ensure the windshield doesn’t fog up and an updated nanoe X system, helping to inhibit viruses and bacteria, reduce odor and hydrate hair and skin – how’s that for luxury!

Now, about this engine – or is it engines? Powered by its fourth-generation Lexus hybrid technology, the new ES 300h produces fewer emissions than conventional powertrains. The 2.5 liter petrol engine incorporates fast burning combustion technology which makes it one of the most thermally efficient engines ever built, and when mated to a lightweight and compact electric motor it produces 160kW power. Fuel consumption is 5.2 l/100 km WLTP and emissions are 119 g CO2/km. Perhaps more important to some, its low fuel consumption and 50-litre fuel tank means the ES 300h offers a segment-best range of 960km on a single tank of fuel.

Driving this hybrid ES sedan changes your whole behavior. Other driver and traffic irritations that would normally have frustrated me have simply disappeared as the entire cabin seems to be removed from the outside world. Not only did Lexus use multiple mufflers in the intake system to reduce engine noise across all frequency bands, but the new ES 300h was fitted with a noise-canceling engine cover made of polyurethane sound deadening material.

On top of that, there’s the way you feel behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s dripping with high-end refinement. The leather, real wood, highly polished surfaces and form-fitting seats, it’s effortless and rather stately – even my often hard-to-please family was impressed.

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