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Tectonica’s unique approach turns construction and project management upside down

NANAIMO – Launched in 2005 by Bil Derby, Darren moss, Bob Mousse, and Barry fairbank, Gestion Tectonica Inc. is a Nanaimo-based construction and project management company with a unique perspective in their highly competitive industry.

Directors of Tectonica from left to right: Bob Moss, Darren Moss, Barry Fairbank, Alan Staight, Buddy Roozenburg, Bil Derby and Florian Schultz

With commercial, industrial, institutional, commercial and residential projects in central Vancouver Island, Tectonica has built a considerable reputation for its strong values, dedication to its customers and a highly successful approach to construction and construction. project management. This industry experience is enhanced by the diverse expertise of its founding members in professional fields such as architectural engineering services, real estate and development.

“While I’m technically the chairman, among the seven directors we make decisions by consensus,” Bil explains. “Often in our strategic decision-making, we seek the advice of our deeply informed staff. At the heart of our philosophy is the firm belief that each person has a stake in decisions and can contribute to the strength and health of the company.

The Cardea Residences, a 46-unit mixed-use commercial and residential building, was developed by Darren Moss, Barry Fairbank, Bob Moss and Bil Derby in downtown Nanaimo

Their set of guiding values ​​have made them a popular choice for clients, consisting of local governments, higher education institutions, health authorities, large and small developers, and private business property owners.

These foundational principles include a persistent desire to add value to their clients’ planning, design and construction processes through a rigorous, creative, thoughtful and professional application of their considerable skills and experience.

Elaborates Bil: “We believe that construction management, where the construction manager works as the owner’s agent, results in a more collaborative and creative design and build process. This has been proven to be one hundred percent correct over the past fifteen years. We assemble and lead teams that design and build complex and challenging projects that would otherwise be difficult to complete under more traditional project delivery models, whether that challenge is cost, schedule, complexity of construction, and costs. constraints of existing conditions, heritage reconstruction standards or challenges with municipal approval processes.

Tectonica acted as the project and construction manager for the seismic improvements to the Duncan Fire Hall

This often requires educating potential clients, helping them understand the limitations imposed by fixed price (fixed price) contracting. Once clients experience the benefits of Tectonica’s particular construction management brand, the team regularly finds clients who come back time and time again with new projects.

About Tectonica’s approach, Bil further explains, “In our model, the owner usually hires us at the same time as the architect, and we work as an integral part of the design team as a construction expert providing reliable information on buildability, cost and schedule. in addition to managing most or all aspects of permits and approvals. Using the completed construction drawings, we undertake competitive commercial bidding processes, evaluate bids, prepare and manage commercial contracts, and build the project as the prime contractor.

Tectonica has chosen to focus on construction management as a project delivery model, creating a strong, collaborative team building approach that avoids the pitfalls of contracts and more conventional construction approaches.

The Double High House in Nanaimo, built under the supervision and support of Tectonica, retained by Checkwitch Poiron Architects

“With us, many of the problems encountered in traditional construction are resolved before they even begin. Trades are hired in a different way, sometimes being brought in early on a design assistance contract. By implementing this type of risk assessment and risk management earlier in the project, the client is able to make informed decisions about their project and how to achieve their goals.

Still, it takes a certain level of trust in a business to allow it to handle so many moving parts. Tectonica’s core principles of honesty, integrity, transparency and reliability have earned it a reputation for being ready to take on this challenge.

“We conduct our business in a manner consistent with our core values,” notes Bil. “In this way, we build and maintain relationships of trust with our customers and the communities we serve. “

Tectonica provided project management and construction services on UK loft Sailmakers Northwest in Sidney

Tectonica’s approach and value proposition is clearly compelling, having made and continuing to make their mark on the island. A small sample of projects include the Aspengrove School in Nanaimo, Port Alberni Community Dialysis Center, the Spiritual Water bottling plant in Port Alberni, the Nanaimo Station rehabilitation project and Duncan Fire Hall Seismic Upgrade Project and Envelope.

A remarkable collaboration with the Government of the Uchucklesaht tribe has resulted Thunder bird, a mixed-use commercial residential development designed to create cultural, economic and social development opportunities for tribal members, and act as a cultural bridge to non-indigenous communities. Provide project management and construction services on the project, Thunder bird won the 2017 VIREB Award of Excellence in its category.

They have also embarked on their own development projects.

Bil Notes, “Cardea Residences, a 46-unit mixed-use commercial and residential building, was developed by Darren, Barry, Bob and myself to meet a need for high-quality, architecturally designed and purpose-built residential units in the heart of the downtown Nanaimo. As a developer and construction manager, this project has shaped our growth strategy for the future and is one of the most rewarding projects we have completed to date.

This rewarding work would not be possible without applying their external values ​​inside. Tectonica is increasingly owned by its employees. Of their seventeen current employees, seven are directors and shareholders. Tectonica management considers their team to be their greatest strength in an increasingly competitive market.

Tectonica worked with the Uchucklesaht Tribe Government to build The Thunderbird, a mixed-use commercial residential development in Port Alberni

Bil says, “It is essential to hire highly motivated and skilled people who understand our value proposition. Of course, we invest considerably in the professional and personal development of each member of the team. Each of our colleagues contributes to the success of the company in a way that is not always associated with their specific role. By providing ownership opportunities, we have another way to reward leadership, commitment and vision.

As Tectonica enters the new year, its ambitions for the future remain strong, with a growth strategy designed to carefully and purposefully expand into more unique and complex projects, large and small, and seek partnerships with clients who share their vision. They also intend to continue developing their own projects. And while they’re always on the lookout for opportunities across the island, central Vancouver Island remains Tectonica’s playground.

Bil concludes: “Central Vancouver Island has incredible potential. We are delighted to play a role in the continued growth of this region. “-


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